To be A witnesses of God

This is a story of a young pastor who goes around eagerly want to win souls for Christ Jesus.
This man has came to every city that he could go, in every angle of eyes can see he went there, finding souls that thirst for salvation. Every effort he had given for Him, but theres one thing missing ...

He felt that he lost his path.. direction for his life .. "what is it Lord?" he asked,"I have served You with everything and I had succeed in every of my misson, why I felt so lost Lord, God please help me!". God listened to this prayer with a smile in His face,

He began to asked him personally,"How is your mission trip?How many souls have you won for Me ?". and the young pastor said intentionally,"the mission trip is great Lord, around 10 people are being saved." Then the Lord asked" Have I sent you there?" . and the young pastor doubtly said," Im not sure..". Our God smile at this pastor and said to him," I love you as I love they who not know Me, there no other way that I could forgotten anyone of you," . "I had give you a mission to be my witnesses from Jerusalem, Samarian, Judea, and yo the end of the world. This is your mission:"To be my witnesses". so be it, I will show you some great things that you havent seen nor heard.Be my witnesses."

From then the young pastor begin to focus his journey of life on this "to be A witnesses of God in this world."


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