A Bowl of Soup

My family is an ordinary family
My dad works in a developer company
My mom is a housewife
I am fortunate enough to be able to study overseas for the last couple of years

But with my school fees and living cost to pay,
They somehow have to make ends-meet
Sometimes we wonder whether we can make it through…

But every time I come home on holidays,
My parents always spare their money to buy expensive traditional herbs
My mom will cherish every grain, every rootlet and every leaf
It will take one whole day to cook a bowl of the herbal soup

And ever time,
The boiled-soup will stand on the stove for days, somewhat ‘untouched’…

Then it dawned on me,
My dad only takes few table spoons of the soup
And leave the rest for me and my mom
So we can eat more of the ‘healthy’ soup

My mom only takes few table spoon of the soup
So me and my dad can have more
“Dad needs more because he works hard for us”
“You need more so you can concentrate better with your study”

I only take few table spoons of the soup
Because I want my parent to have more,
So they can stay healthy
As I know they’ve worked very hard for me

That one bowl of soup shows how much love we have in the family
Maybe our family is not rich
We can only afford to buy a bowl of the ‘expensive’ soup
But I thank God for our family
Because we have plenty of love to share


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