Living as Children of Light

(Ephesians 4 :17-24)

In verses 17-19, it clearly shows some of the sinful desire that we can fall into, such as Futility of thinking (v17), Dark Understanding (v18), Live seperated from God (v18), Ignorance, which also means dull inside which leads to hardening the hearts (v18), Give over to sensuality with impurity (v19), Continual lust (v19) Most of all, the first that man would fall into the "sinful desire" is that they did not know God. Therefore, we as children of Light, who have learned to know Christ and His righteousness, renewed and created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness, should guard ourselves not to fall into temptations mentioned above.

Someone once said that, we'd find the quality of a human being determined by what is he/she is thinking. IMAGINATION determines Attitude, Attitude determines Character, and Character determines what the Future will hold. Christ has made us new, our old self has been thrown away, and He has made us completely brand new self. ( As Paul said, for me to live is Christ, and to know You is my life) Often, we might wrestle with the old imagination that we used to have on our minds, however, we still have flesh, still live in a world that is full of lusts.

How can we get rid of that kind of behavior ? The NEW 'Imagination' should put on, replace the old thinking with a Godly thinking. Draw ourselves closer to Him, in a constant prayer, Abide in Him through His words and let us find our souls resting on Him alone by worshipping. Let us ask Jesus and His Holy Spirit to guide and help us to be like He wants us to be. like God's true righteousness and holiness

Touching Heaven Changing Life


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