Trust and Faith

Trust is the foundation of faith to work.

You cant have faith on believing someone will do something for you without first trusting him or her.

There is an interesting illustration to explain trust and faith.As human being, ourselves are like the whole computer hardware.This computer will not work without an operating system installed in it, we can use Windows XP or Mac OS X. Your choice.The OS (operating system) is the trust.

Trusting God, that without Him, we just dont work.Trusting Him to use every parts of our lifes, every components of the computer, putting them all together to work out the best of our lives.We put our trust in Jesus.

The software is needed to run specific task that we want to accomplish.If we want to do word processing, well use something like Microsoft Word.If we want to do some photos touch-ups, well use like Adobe Photoshop.So does faith work.When we need healing, we use our faith on the Word of God about healing, that is we need to search the bible for specific verses by the leading of the Holy Spirit.When we need prosperity, we use our faith about being prosper.Our faith will do the works.

Trust the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5).Why? Come on, He is way smarter than us, He knows everything and knows whats best for us.Your faith will make you whole!


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