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Do You Think God Has Any Problem

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MOSES and the children of Israel were in the desert, but what was he going to do with them? They had to be fed, and feeding 2 or 3 million people requires a lot of food.  According to the Quartermaster General in the Army, it is reported that Moses would have to have had 1500 tons of food each day.

Do you know that to bring that much food each day, two freight trains, each at least a mile long, would be required?

Besides, they were out in the desert, so they would have to have firewood to use to cook the food. This would take 4000 tons of wood and a few more freight trains, each a mile long, just for one day.  And just think, they were forty years in transit.

And, oh yes!  They would have to have water.  If they only had enough to drink and wash a few dishes, it would take 11,000,000 gallons each day, and a freight train with tank cars, 1800 miles long, just to bring water!

Another thing, they had to cross the Red Sea at night.  Now, if they went on a narrow path, double file, the line would be 800 miles long and would require 35 days and nights to go through. So there had to be a space in the Red Sea at least 3 miles wide so that they could walk 5000 abreast to cross over in one night.

But then, there is another problem … each time they camped at the end of the day, a campground two-thirds the size of the State of Rhode Island was required, or a total of 750 square miles long.  Think of it!  This much space for camping.

Do you think Moses figured all this out before he left Egypt?  I think not! You see, Moses believed in God. God took care of these things for him.

Now, do you think God has any problem taking care of your problems?

I asked the Lord to bless you As I prayed for you today, To guide you and protect you
As you go along your way.

His love is always with you, His promises are true, And when we give Him all our cares, You know He’ll see us through.

So when the road you’re traveling on seems difficult at best, just remember I’m praying, and God will do the rest.

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